X3-Hybrid 10.0-D Solax 10kW Hybrid Inverter + up to 23kWh Storage

By Solax
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Nominal AC Power [kW]9
PhaseTriple phase
Dimensions [mm]w: 503 h: 503 d: 199
Weight [kg]30
AC output power [kW]
Storage Capacity [kWh]
Description Inverter

The Solax X3-Hybrid 10.0-D three-phase hybrid inverter is an innovative new range of residential inverters.150% PV oversized and 110% overload output.Maximum 150% overload output. Built-in shadow tracking function. Switchover time<10ms.On and off-grid parallel function, up to 15kW. 5 work modes and 2 charging periods are available. Three-phase unbalanced output 50% nominal output power on single phase at most

High energy yield

  • The inverter has a maximum efficiency of up to 98%
  • 2 MPPT

High Reliability

  • IP65 protection
  • Integrated SPD
  • Natural cooling


  • Quick configuration with U-disk
  • Lithium & Lead-acid battery compatible
  • CT compatible, loads respond within 0.3s
  • Intelligent loads management (e.g. Heat pump)
Technical Specifications
Nominal AC Power [kW]9
PhaseTriple phase
Dimensions [mm]w: 503 h: 503 d: 199
Weight [kg]30
Description Battery

Solax’s Triple Power T-BAT H 5.8/11.5/17.3/23 Batteries are easy to install and are made up of the safest LiFePO4 cells. Each battery module is 5.8 kWh and the storage capacity can be scalable up to 23 kWh. 

One T-BAT H 5.8 battery pack consists of one Battery control unit - T BAT H 5.8 (including 5.8 kWh internal storage). Compatible with - Solax X3 Hybrid-G4 inverters. 

Better Performance 

  • Safest LiFePO4 battery
  • Upto 90% DOD, Cycle life>6000 times 
  • Less self-consumption 

Safe and Reliable

  • IP55 protection level 
  • No toxic heavy metals or caustic materials

User-friendly design 

  • Floor or wall mounting
  • Quick installation