Solar System


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Smartflower is an innovative solar system distinguished by its design and efficient utilization of solar energy. Here are some key features of this solar system:

Design and Mechanism: Smartflower has a flower-like shape and consists of movable panels that follow the movement of the sun. This mechanism allows the panels to optimally harness solar energy throughout the day. In the morning, the system unfolds and starts tracking the sun, and in the evening, it folds back into a protective position.

Performance: Smartflower is designed to be highly efficient. The panel area and the placement of the panels enable the system to capture the maximum amount of solar energy. This way, it can generate enough electricity for a household or business.

Autonomy: Smartflower is an autonomous system that does not require complex installations or external tracking systems. After installation, it operates independently, automatically adjusting to the sun's movement.

Portability: Smartflower can be easily transported and installed in various locations. This can be attractive for people who want to move the solar system as needed.

Intelligent Monitoring: The system is often equipped with an intelligent monitoring system that allows owners to track energy production and other important data using a mobile app or web interface.

Weather Protection: Smartflower is designed with resilience to adverse weather conditions in mind. When the system is folded, it is protected against wind, rain, and other weather influences.

Environmental Aspect: By harnessing solar energy, Smartflower contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supports a more sustainable approach to electricity generation.