Avancis Skala – 130W černo / šedá (G002) / zelená (4002)

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Výkon [W]130
Rozměry [mm]š: 664 h: 1587 d: 38

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Avancis Solar is a Germany-based company that engineers and manufactures innovative CIGS-based thin-film solar modules. It was founded in 2006 as a joint venture between the Saint-Gobain Group and the Shell Group and currently has a production capacity of 100 MW/year. The key feature of Avancis modules is the use of copper indium diselenide (CIS) thin-film solar cells, which use non-toxic ingredients and lower carbon footprint than silicon.

Great aesthetics

  • Skala Black modules have a unique design with a black aesthetic and matt finish, making them suitable for various architectural applications.
  • Skala Colour modules are available in a unique design in 8 different colours with a matt finish with no glare; the opaque design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding facade material.


  • The flexible and lightweight nature of Avancis modules makes them easy to install and integrate into different building structures. 
  • Does not need mechanical clamping on the front glass due to its backrail system fitting to all common facade substructures. 
  • Is most suitable for rain-screen ventilated facades and can be combined with a variety of other facade materials.

Fully certified for European standards

  • The modules have the general technical building approval (abZ) from Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). 
  • They are developed and produced in Germany. Is approved according to all relevant certifications

Superior Performance 

  • The Avancis modules are PID-free compatible and with all inverters
  • 10-year product / 25 year performance warranty
  • Low-temperature coefficient, resulting in high energy output in low-light conditions and better performance in partial shading situations. 
Technické specifikace
Výkon [W]130
Rozměry [mm]š: 664 h: 1587 d: 38