Agro-PV structure (3x6 / 3x12 / 3x18)

Module array

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Antai's agricultural farmland mounting system provides the perfect combination for both electricity generation and cultivation. Farmers can fully exploit the sun's energy for daily basic activities such as irrigation, heating, and lighting. The excess electricity can be sold to the grid for revenue generation. 

Suitable module dimension : H/W/D: 2285/1134/35 mm

Module Array : 3 x 6/12/18

Patented Robust design

  • Components from high corrosion resistance Aluminium alloy (AL-6005-T6) 
  • Rapid and Simple installation
  • Maximum Wind and Snow Loads of 25 m/s and 2KN/m², Tilt Angle 10°
  • 10-year worry-free warranty 
  • Sunlight transmission of 60%