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AC300 + 2x B300 3kW / 6kWh Home Backup

By Bluetti
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Storage capacity [kWh]6
Product combinationPowerstations and batteries

Bluetti's AC300 is a powerful inverter that can deliver up to 3kW of pure AC current, enough to power your off-grid lifestyle, on-the-go applications, and provide 24/7 home backup support. In combination with two B300 batteries, an unparallel storage capacity of 6 kWh is possible. You can power your whole family's basic needs for DAYS during emergencies or power outages!

AC300 - A powerful 3kW inverter

  • Great Design: 100% modular design, plug-and-play application, no installation required
  • PV Charging: Allows up to 2.4kW Unrivalled Solar Input (12-150 V voltage range, 12 A max. Current)
  • Maximum charging power: 5.4 kW (2.4kW from PV + 3 kW AC source)

2x B300 Batteries - Unparallel Storage Expansion 

  • Storage capacity: 6 kWh (Each battery unit -3 kWh, 51.2V, 60Ah) 
  • Material: Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Lifecycles: 3500+ (80% of original capacity)
  • Max. AC/PV input power: 500/200 W (PV parameters:12-60V, 10A via Bluetti D050S) 
      Technical Specifications
      Storage capacity [kWh]6
      Product combinationPowerstations and batteries