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AC300 + 4x B300 3kW / 12kWh Home Backup

By Bluetti
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Storage capacity [kWh]12
Product combinationPowerstations and batteries

Bluetti's AC300 is a powerful inverter that can deliver up to 3kW of pure AC current, enough to power your off-grid lifestyle, on-the-go applications, and provide 24/7 home backup support. In combination with four B300 batteries, an unparallel storage capacity of 12 kWh is possible. You can power your whole family's basic needs for DAYS during emergencies or power outages!

AC300 - A powerful 3kW inverter

  • Great Design: 100% modular design, plug-and-play application, no installation required
  • PV Charging: Allows up to 2.4kW Unrivalled Solar Input (12-150 V voltage range, 12 A max. Current)
  • Maximum charging power: 5.4 kW (2.4kW from PV + 3 kW AC source)

4x B300 Batteries - Unparallel Storage Expansion 

  • Storage capacity: 12 kWh (Each battery unit -3 kWh, 51.2V, 60Ah) 
  • Material: Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Lifecycles: 3500+ (80% of original capacity)
  • Max. AC/PV input power: 500/200 W (PV parameters:12-60V, 10A via Bluetti D050S) 
      Technical Specifications
      Storage capacity [kWh]12
      Product combinationPowerstations and batteries